Hey everyone!

This is my new site dedicated to only the best legs celebs have to offer. Ive seen a whole bunch of leg sites but most of them were disappointing as most pictures were low quality and most pictures were not about legs at all! Well, no more of that.

Here you will only find the best of the best legs out there.

Enjoy and feel free to send me a mail if you want to contribute something. Note that not all contributions will make it to the site: only the best!


 April 22, 2009

by Sempra

Well, I have began filling in the galleries. This will take quite some time since I need to filter out all of the crappy files I got and  prepare the best ones for upload. Please note that the celeb list is FAR from finished and I only filled in the ones I could remember from the top of my head.

If you would like to see your favorite celeb in the list, lemme know. Just visit the contact page.

Thanks and enjoy

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